How to make pasta

I made this video as a trade for a location, I think it is fun and the pasta turns out great every time. I plan on showing some more simple how to videos in the future, if you have any ideas that can follow this simple style let me know.The lighting is soft and from above and the camera just moves a small distance from cut to cut.


Mac Break Final Cut Pro X tips

My kids are starting to learn how to edit and I was watching a few Mac Break you tube movies to see what tips I needed to teach them. As I was doing this I started to write down a few notes about the episode I was watching and now I’m sharing my notes. Please remember these are note that I wrote about the episode as a quick glance tool to remind myself of a tip or a reference point.

If you feel I’m off or missed something important please email me and I will change or add the new note with your name attached as a thank you.

Mac Break Notes

244 Animating a simple shape mask.

Set a key frame than move to another place on clip move mask and new key frame is added. very simple.

239 Dancing particles to audio.

Complicated so watch.

236 Why Compressor . Multiple FCX projects

How to do multiple batch and where you can send it. First thing is to work out of library not project when sending movies to compressor to create batches. Use cut and paste to take separate batches and create one batch. Just remember that when you paste nothing should be selected in the master batch.

235 Green screen

Advance keying (one step adaptive key) Take a look at matt with matt button than check key strength. you refine the key with sample color and edge. You can do multiple sample color. When using edge the middle slider controls opacity between edges. fringe color is controlled with the spill lever (FCX will pre determine best level). When you move to another section of the shot and tweak the key you are making a key frame and key will adjust to new key frame selects, check with sample key in effects browser.

232 Selective color matts

Selective color, Quick matts for secondary color Option key and Color mask slider.
Eye dropper and shift key adds to mask. Remember to work on outside not inside color.

217 Ken Burns and still frames.

Do a KB move cut in middle back up 1 frame than add hold to still frame. On second clip reverse move to have a matched frame of hold still than complete move.

212 Diskless DVD.

Press MM for marker box press right on for chapter marker (Left is “standard”, middle is “to do”) A pin will come up that allows you to select frame for chapter marker. To make DVD go to share select DVD than in settings select hard drive instead of DVD. You can add a background photo with preview option.

206 Batch clip renaming

171 Removing unwanted Audio/ Audio sweetening

Basic audio edit, clip skimmer, command t for transitions.

148 Audio edit

Basic edit stuff with info about using the shift delete to add a gap in audio was useful and P for position tool and type in a value followed by return was also useful. Command B for instant blade cut.

133 Basic Editing

Intro level edit info. Good stuff about skimming compared to play head. You can use “I” for in point and “O” for out point, as I said intro stuff.

Ki Pro Mini

I have been playing with my new toy, the Ki Pro Mini. What is really cool about it is being able to edit without the cost of decks. Everyone can now edit Pro Rez on their home computer. Very interesting the options and choices for smaller budget jobs.
Agency’s can now edit small jobs in house and still have them look big with a good shooter.
And with some of the cameras that I own like the Sony F3 or the Panasonic HDX900 the quality of image will be great.

Sony F3

Gribbins Film has picked up a Sony F3 with a Ki Pro mini recorder. A very sweet camera that uses 35mm Prime lenses. This make small jobs look bigger and Big jobs affordable. Hope to put up some clips soon

Emmy Nomination

I was nominated for an Emmy last week. It was for
Elbert Hubbard: An American Original, Lighting Director, James Gribbins
Now what does one do with this? Being nominated is a private pleasure and not something you go around bragging about, yet I still have a business to promote and future jobs to get. This brings me back to what do I do with this. I guess it will become a line on my web sites and something I mention to agents and Production houses in Toronto and New York but other than that no much, just keep looking for projects and doing the best I can on the ones I find.