At Gribbins Films we specialize in story. The dance between graphics, subject and photography are how we keep the viewers attention but the real strength of a story is people. The viewer needs to identify with the people we see on screen. Great storytelling of real people will accomplish this.

With editing we travel from scene to scene, which can be as simple as a dissolve or as complicated as a wipe hidden in a dolly move. How we get there is less important than what we find when we arrive, a believable interaction between people. An interaction that re-enforces respect of people and story. To accomplish this I use a documentary story style. Each film will be its own individual film, some will be touching others informative.

Here is a selection of our editing work, including clips from the following:

  • Nativity Miguel
  • Assemblyman Joe Cryan
  • Z-80 Incubator Labs
  • Catholic Medical Partners